Welcome to Splitriver

Good day, travelers.  My name is Vrashtovil.  I am a Trade Corispondant for the Regiment (don't worry, you'll know soon enough).  I have been informed you would like to take up the mantle of the adventurer.  I have seen a fight or two, but not even I have the bravery required to be and adventurer.  Since the Regiment likes to have good relations with all adventurers within splitriver (however few they may be), I have been asked to introduce  you to the larger world around you. 
The Dieties of Splitriver are somewhat familiar to you I am quite sure.  But first lets start with the ones that you may not be familiar with:  Illiir – The god of undeath and necromancy.  Magic, Death,  and Patience are the domains of his influience.  Long ago his followers, a group called the Cult of Illiir or the Illiiri assaulted the land using the bodies of our ancestors, our fallen heroes, our fathers, brothers, mothers and sisters to conquor all of splitriver.  Fortunately they were defeated and Splitriver was allowed to rebuild again.  Since then, the cult has been seen here and there but thanks to the bravery of adventurers like yourselves they have been prevented from organizing or gathering substantial power.  Also, as a result we no longer bury our dead, all citizens of Splitriver send the bodies down river, which takes them out to the ocean. 
[All other dieties are the same from Greyhawk and Pathfinder, Others may appear later as I write them but they are not yet present]
The wars of the past have marred more than our sons and fathers, more than our memories, and more than our land.  The wars have marred the traditions of our people, after that war (damn thing lasted more than 40 years and nearly destroyed the damn Trade Regiment) we stopped puttin bodies in the ground.  We started a new way.  A new tradition.  We now perform a funeral near a river then send it down stream.  There are many rivers in splitriver, quite a few rivers.  All of them lead to the endless sea.  The bodies are taken down stream and out to the sea.  Some nations have even taken to burning the boats or simply burning the dead if they cannot afford a boat.  Such is the purview of pessantry, no need to discuss them.  Other members of my organization are more. . . willing to deal with them, but I wont be bothered to dirty myself. 
Back to the matter at hand dear friends, there are several nations within our fine continent.  The first and most relevant is the nation that you are in right now.  Alkham is a fine city for a nation under siege.  When the Legion attacked from the mountains to the north the citizens were nearly crushed under the force of their assault.  It wasnt until a group of mages all sharing a strange arcane mark as their symbol pushed the monsters back with their fierce magics did the people have any hope.  They have assembled a great nation, Kingdom of Simalachria, although the government (like any other, save one) has its flaws.  A visiting magic user may have more clout among the populous, especially those with talents that lie in the arcane.  But they are not nobility, and the punishments are very harsh for pretending to be a noble.  It is polite to hold your hands above your waist while speaking to anyone above your station while here.  Hands away from spell pouches!
The Legion has not kept their attacks secluded to Alkham alone, their neighbor to the east is a country called Mirojet, after the attack by the Illiiri the people of Mirojet demanded a change.  The necromancers treated the people of that nation very harshly, now the people there are very, very distrustful of magic.  Magic there is outlawed, totally and completely.  Magic items are restricted, and the people themselves will report or even arrest you.  I dont even bring alchemical goods for trade there, and forget about using anything, I dont even try cantrips while im there.  The alliance established between the Elves, Dwarves, Humans and Gnomes has pushed back the Legion and kept them at bay for quite some time now.   The Thovian Alliance is a force to be reconed with.
To the South West of Alkham lies a tepid swampland home to the most despicible element I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  They are a great challenge from the perspective of a trader.  I warn you, if you are going south of Alkham, bring your whit and your paranoia.  Well as the saying goes, its not paranoia if everyone IS out to get you.  And in Tribia, it is true.  Beware, also, that which lies beneath. 
There is much more to tell you but time grows short and the night is cold.  More to come my friends.